Update from Your Intelligent Femdoms

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Every so often something new comes along and is so powerful, so captivating that it snags you right by the balls and refuses to let go. That is what it feels like when you submit yourself, for the first time to the intelligent femdoms – Mistress Lillith and Mistress Kiera.

We may be new to you; you may be new to us…but we are not new to each other nor are we new to the world of female domination. I would go as far to say that we lead the world that is female domination. We are among the elite few.

We have quite a following that have sessioned with us separately and some that have sessioned with us together. The depth of our grasph on the fetish and femdom life is revealed when we have a devoted pet that we can pass from one to the other, taking you for the mind fuck of a lifetime.

Intelligent female domination seeks to seep into your mind. We seek to not just control your cock, but your whole body, your whole mind, all of you.

Perhaps things look a little different around here – we decided it was time for a face life and revamp of our ever popular adult podcasts.

You can join us twice a month for a break from the norm – for Kink and Coffee – an adult podcast hosted by the intelligent femdoms of kink therapy and entitled bitches. Same fantastic duo, same deviant minds, brand new show.

This time rather than it be an hour to hour and a half long each session is 5-15 minutes of just a taste of kink. It allows you to listen at any time of the day, in almost any setting – oh yes, we like to play with fire.

What naughty places do you listen to our erotic adult podcast?

What would you like to hear on future podcasts?

Don’t worry the old podcasts will sneak back up soon enough. For now, enjoy the first episode of Kink and Coffee as we decide to make it very clear of what our expectations of a submissive are. Follow the commentary on our blog and let us know if you have questions you would like answered in an upcoming podcast.

The Intelligent Femdom Duo Welcomes you

Adult Podcast, Intelligent Femdom Phonesex, Intelligent Femdoms, Kink and Coffee, Male Submissive Training

Welcome to our dear stroker pets, sissy girls and anyone that has searched for and found a dominant duo of elite, intelligent femdoms.

The only thing better than one intelligent femdom…is two, but that goes without saying.

Dr. Kiera and I seek to educate the masses and discuss a variety of topics ranging from the very vanilla to the perhaps, more taboo in terms of the fetish lifestyles. We are here to enhance your erotic fantasies and encourage you to branch out of your comfort zone in search of something new, fresh and exciting.

Not only do we offer a kinky, adult podcast for you to download, but we will have a variety of premium content available AND you can connect with us one on one (or two on one if you would like a party line mistress session) for your own, personal kink therapy.

We are unrestricted, we are uncensored and we are the crème de la crème of the female domination world.

So, be sure to tune in and listen to our uncensored erotic chat on talkshoe – Kink and Coffee is the perfect way to start your day. Bookmark the link to our show and subscribe to the show so you can keep up to date with your intelligent femdoms. Can’t make it to a live recording? That is ok, following the live show it will become available for live streaming and/or download for your kink convenience and also available on itunes.


Take quickie kink session


It’s not every day that you can find a quickie kink session with your favorite domme duo. So join us for kink and coffee live on talkshoe.


Until then loves,

Mistress Lillith